Do you wish to completely change your mindset so that you accomplish what truly matters to you?

As your life path fans out revealing many opportunities, how do you choose what is joy and wisdom enhancing?

Now is the time for the world to see the amazing being you are.

One-on-one Mentoring with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

An invitation to actualizing your wisdom potential as skillful action in this time of extraordinary energy.

As arising waves of opportunity are revealed, many have the choice or the opportunity to choose doing what they truly love so that work and exploration are pathways of joyful celebration.

This mentoring program is an opportunity to bring forth that which you've intended to do, to uncover your creative abilities and actualize them in a clear path of accomplishment.

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is an internationally respected teacher and coach who has guided thousands of students and clients to personal and professional transformation.

She is the CEO of Beautyway Productions, founder and spiritual director of Sunray Meditation Society and Sunray Peace Village, and the author of 108 Quotations: A Treasury of Mystical Wisdom, Voices of Our Ancestors, and Learning Cherokee Ways - The Ywahoo Path.

Her life has been dedicated to awakening wisdom and inspiring exponential growth for the individuals and communities she works with.

One-on-one mentoring with Venerable Dhyani is an opportunity to see and transform the appearance of obstacles to your happiness and success and fulfill your life's purpose.

10 and 20 session program options include private coaching sessions, small group classes (live or recordings) and personalized study materials.

What Participants Are Experiencing

Video Testimonial

~Anne Lucas, Playwright

"My work with Venerable Dhyani was very profound. Since I was in herbalist training, I wanted to deepen my connection to the plants and my purpose. With working with her, I was able to see how much my purpose has flourished - the things I go through are medicines I have to offer - and the connection to my intuition with the plants are very clear. I recorded the sessions, which I think if you are working with her, you should do as well. If you have the opportunity to work with Venerable, it's a once in a lifetime experience."

~Antoinette Yarrow - Herbalist and Medicine Woman

"Mentoring with Ven. Dhyani has been a joy and inspiration for me. Her kind alert presence has made me feel met and heard. The conversations have been illuminating, enlivening, uplifting, and practical-- helpfully balancing Dharma and individual concerns. I feel blessed by Venerable's skill at asking penetrating questions, subtle insight in answering my inquiries and ruminations, and her encouraging suggestions for action. The mentoring format of unfolding conversations over weeks and months has been excellent."

~Michael J. - Dharma Practitioner

"I had the good fortune this last year to participate in Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo's Mentoring Program. Why is this important?

It is because Venerable opens her wisdom mind to your experience and projects in such a beautiful, intimate way so that she can then assist you in expanding your vision and purpose. She gives very practical and enlightened suggestions as well as guiding you to focus on the skillful means you carry within to be the best you can be. 

No matter your direction in life, I would highly recommend this program. It is a delight to spend time with Venerable and her wisdom eye is all encompassing. 

She shines a bright light on your path, making it even brighter and more expansive than you can at this moment imagine."

~Shan Watters - Author, Mothering the Divine

Thank you for your interest in this program. 

This is a completely personalized program which requires a significant time, energetic and financial commitment. 

Although there are no scholarships available, there are many other pathways to study with Venerable Dhyani, including monthly Beautyway Wisdom classes, the annual Beautyway Summer Seminar and Sunray Peacekeeper teachings

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